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Publishing workshop

My role as a mother, sister friend and positive woman empowering people to be their best selves. Turning strength into something that can help others. I am positive and recognise that we can all be as creative and inspirational as we like.

As an author I run regular writing and publishing workshops. I have written books that highlight black scientist, inventors and historical figures that have made a difference. I like to establish a professional relationship with my clients encouraging them to build on a solid foundation. These workshops are great for team building and individuals who want to write.

As a group facilitator the workshops that I run include a beginners guide to writing and publishing as well as creating Ebooks and getting yourself out there into the public domain.

I currently host a weekly talk radio show, podcast and have a YouTube channel. I speak regularly at seminars, schools and colleges I also like to travel and keep fit.




Three things you may not know about me.

​1. I am a singer songwriter who has toured worldwide, I supported Desmond Dekkar, written with Light of the world and am a part of a Supremes tribute Act.

2. I have written 6 books and continue to write. The best seller is on its way.

3. I have been on the television more than once and have credits to a BBC program that I wrote for Children with special needs.

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