Natasha John-Baptiste


The concept of, One thing about history (OTAH) was ignited in 2007 whilst driving. As a lover of literature I realised that, in book stores there is a limited range of children’s books relating to world history and the developments that have been made by Black and indigenous people. Being more accustomed to writing songs. I finally reached my goal and my first book was published in 2009. Since then I have gone on to write six more books. I have been able to venture to Africa where I have had the privilege of donating my books to schools.
My other aims in the writing and publishing  field is to get people nationally and internationally writing for themselves and producing great literary works of art.

We bring the tangible to life and make action speak more than words.

We host  a three part series of workshops for people that are interested in writing and publishing their works. Because we know that it can be a  challenge to start with a blank canvas our workshops are aimed at anyone that has the desire to fill blank pages with their stories which can be of great value to others. Enabling them to go on and publish their creations. 
I believe there is a book inside of everybody.




Our aim at the Ubora Academy is to empower one and all.

Through our mentor and consultation programmes. We provide support in self development and encourage personal growth and well being. We do this by means  of transformational speaking and upbuilding clients to reach their full potential

Transformational speaker
The transformational speaking element of OTAH is that we have a positive outlook and know that through encouraging others to become a greater version of themselves, they can bring the intangible to life and make action speak louder than words. Many of us are on a road that just needs to be defined and many of us are searching for better tomorrows. ​Being educated at the university of life and undergoing my own change I am able to steer people in the right direction.
What is your why What is your purpose?
As a Singer songwriter
who has been writing songs since I was 14 years old. I have worked in the music industry gigging worldwide and have been signed as an artiste to Big life and BMG. I have worked on projects with the BBC and have had the privilege to work with many recording artist such as Desmond Dekker, light of the world, Sister Sledge and a few more influential people.  
I host my own music and present an own the mic session night throughout the year.
I have created 5 Albums of great original music. 

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