Who developed the method for opening elevator doors?

Who patented their own design of the pencil sharpener?

Where did fold up beds come from?

Questions like these are answered in These beautifully illustrated books. Dealing with world history.  The One thing about history books are designed for children, parents and Teachers.  These books are written to help people see that there were and still are positive black role models, people who really made a difference and have enhanced modern day life as we know it.



Maiza and Mastura meet Alexander Miles Inventor

ISBN 978-1-903289-39-6

Maiza and Mastura are sister and brother. They one day go to visit their friend, but Mastura is in a wheelchair and their friend lives in a high rise building. How will they overcome this obstacle? Well the answers lie in these pages and can be found from a very wise inventor that helps them solve their challenge. This story is part fact and non fiction.

Mosi Meets John Lee Love On Sale now

Mosi Meets inventor John Lee Love The Broken Pencil

ISBN 978-1-903289-33-4


Mosi is a little boy who likes to write on his notepad. One day he was writing on of his stories and his pencil broke at the pencil tip. Mosi became a little sad because he could no longer use his pencil to write. He recalled a place that he had visited before in this place there was someone who could help his pencil write again, it was a special inventor that could help Mosi complete his fantastic story.