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Writing and Publishing

Are you interested in writing a book and getting it published? We help individuals start upon your writing journey explaining and showing you the ins and outs of writing and publishing through a series of workshop from beginners to seasoned writers we help you on the way to having your own tangible work of art 

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This  workshop is designed for us to  look within ourselves and recognising that we have immense ability to achieve the things that we want in life. We always start with affirmations and work on  strengthening the mind and our resilience to tap into our greater selves.

These workshops are great for team building and individuals.

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Life coaching and counselling


Our life coach consultation agency aims to empower you. Providing support through self development encouraging personal growth and wellbeing.

We offer an 8-10 week programme starting with

1. The clarity of your intentions, identifying what situations in life are forcing you to change. 

2. Setting achievable goals, where you identify where you want to be in life and the steps that you need to get there.




I love to listen, encourage and upbuild anyone that I come into contact with . I speak in schools and  forums helping and giving others insight into how we can be transformed and renewed. I have a podcast ( You're the designer of your life that has listeners worldwide and will be presenting on the radio in the near future.