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8-10 week coaching sessions

Start your writing journey from start to finish with our 8-10 week coaching session. Take it as easy or as intensive as you like.

Are you ready to be published?

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Writers & Publishers

Workshop for beginners ptI

Because of popular demand I will be delivering an awesome online writing and publishing workshop.


Part one of this workshop is an introduction to writing.

This is a workshop that will enable you to learn the basics on how to start your writing journey.

You will acquire valuable information that will put you on the road to getting your works started.




Fundamentals of this workshop


In this section you are given an assignment to review within 24  hours

Preparing your mind

This section is the first part of the motivational journey,  you will begin by preparing your hearts and minds to receive the information. 


Here we make a declaration to complete the course and begin to put into action the purpose of taking it. Writing your book


Here we learn about the 5'ws and the importance of utilising them in your decision to write.

How to start writing

Now we learn the fundamentals to your writing project and some important aspects of writing.

Facets of writing

In this section we break down everything that is needed during the writing process and then what is required once you finish your masterpiece.

Time Management

As time is an extremely valuable part of our world in this section of the course we focus on time management and getting the best out of our time.

Success in your investment

You have devoted your time, energy and money into beginning your writing journey,  What next?


The instructor was a good communicator and explained everything really well. Being in a group with the same interest in writing & spending the day with them was encouraging & motivational

Winnie Miller

The instructor gave excellent information on structuring or first chapter. Very interactive, everybody got involved.

Open Book

Publishing workshop

Your book is finished what is your next move? This workshop is designed for people that have completed their works and are ready to level up...

What are my next steps?
Open Book
Girld Reading Book


Your completed work

What to do next

Areas of publishing

Fundamentals of this workshop




Your social network


Interactive, Inspirational, Motivated speaker/Instructor Knowledgable

Shirley Russell

Informative, instructional and motivating.

This was a good foundation if you want to get your book published.

This was an eyeopener.

Kenneth, North London

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