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Sep 2

I just fell into it on my part but what makes you want to tell your story to the world? We all have a story in us and it is an awesome feat if we can get pen to paper and make the intangible become t
Feb 9

5 Minutes a day. It has been a couple of months since our writers workshop. How have you all been getting on? remember it is not the race of the swift but to finish the race that is the accomplishment
Sep 20, 2018

Steps to starting a Facebook group It is always a good idea to invite people to your world with a Facebook group. Meeting people who are like minded and those who want to engage with you and your inte
Sep 18, 2018

Writing a short story is a good way to start your writing journey. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing. The main thing is that you start. Have an idea of what you would like to
May 6

Its your world and we are the only ones that can make the most out of it. They say the world is a big place but in our small piece of it how can we make the most out of what we have?
Feb 10

Look at the picture and write an engaging introduction to draw your reader in. When writing we want to write a first liner that will capture your audience, in turn you then want to write an intriguing
Oct 2, 2018

A narrative can be fiction or non fiction. When writing a narrative it is written from the author's perspective they can choose to place themselves as a character as well as narrate the story. Nove
Sep 19, 2018

Where do you start? It is always good to write our thoughts and feelings down, especially if we know that what we write can always encourage, teach, upbuild, inspire and move people to action. So how
Feb 9

It is really important that we read books if we want to write. Not necessarily for influence or inspiration but to see how published works flow and to understand the language. How often do you read?