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Hi Folks 

Because of popular demand I will be delivering an awesome writers and publishers workshop.


This is a workshop that will enable you to learn how to write and get published.


You will aquire valuable information that will put you on the road to publishing.


Fundamentals of the workshop are




How to start writing

Elements of Publishing

Becoming successful in your investment

What route will you take?


Be Published or Self Publish.

Guest speakers and authors.


There are a Limited number of tickets.


Feel free to contact me for more information. 

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One Thing About History

Coming soon

Writers Workshop Pt II

Writers Workshop Pt II

We all write in different ways and writing anything can be a great feat.

This workshop is designed for people that are interested in writing but do not know how or where to start.

The day will cover

Your assignment.


Advantages of writing.

Who are you writing for?

Character and story outlining.

First liners.

And many more details when it comes to writing a masterpiece.

Join us on this spectacular day of interactivity, creativity and come create something awesome.…

Believe in yourself workshop

Pre order your copy

We all have amazing gifts

Your dreams can be realised

"Yes they can"

We will succeed


2020 ! What have you hoped for?

our day 


As this workshop encompasses much more than writing and completing a book many of you may not have ventured on that journey as yet and many of you may have started. However we all want to develop into an amazing and inspirational people.


The day will cover


Your yet to be and completed works

What to do next

Areas of publishing

Copyright and licensing


Building your online profile and how to monetise your ideas


And much more


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Hasani and the time machine


Hasani is an impressionable young boy who loves science and adventure. Through unfortunate circumstances his family has to travel to Jamaica.

There he meets an amazing member of his family who is not only eccentric but also a genius. This family member takes him to a world that he could never have imagined in his wildest dreams.


Take a trip back in time and meet real characters in history seen, through a young persons eyes.

What format do you prefer please let me know