Do people really look at groups and Facebook pages,

April 5, 2015

Do people really look at groups and Facebook pages,
do we actually read or just like what is posted, without giving it a hint of consideration?
From my perspective, perception we are perceiving and being deceived, Posting and hosting but not being relieved, believed or even received.

Is it or this, just a highway of photos, videos, words of likes, dislikes, shares and cares.
Oh they didn't like my page so I won't like theirs. 


As I browse one second, minute, hour even a day gone by, looking and looking at lie after lie

Is this a reality or just a distorted view? Looking at pictures not knowing if its really you, Air brushing and a mound of MAC a pound of wak painted images That bore the soul leaving a hole in the mind of the reader. Am I a follower or truly a leader.

So I will read and read till my heart is content, And I will write and write and not circumvent

As I look to the future the future is now We will make a way some way and somehow

Written by Natasha John-Baptiste 5th April 2015

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