Do people really look at groups and Facebook pages,

Do people really look at groups and Facebook pages, do we actually read or just like what is posted, without giving it a hint of consideration? From my perspective, perception we are perceiving and being deceived, Posting and hosting but not being relieved, believed or even received.

Is it or this, just a highway of photos, videos, words of likes, dislikes, shares and cares. Oh they didn't like my page so I won't like theirs.

As I browse one second, minute, hour even a day gone by, looking and looking at lie after lie

Is this a reality or just a distorted view? Looking at pictures not knowing if its really you, Air brushing and a mound of MAC a pound of wak painted images That bore the soul leaving a hole in the mind of the reader. Am I a follower or truly a leader.

So I will read and read till my heart is content, And I will write and write and not circumvent

As I look to the future the future is now We will make a way some way and somehow

Written by Natasha John-Baptiste 5th April 2015

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