She is Sun

The Dusk approaches and the sky is a blood red orange we know that tomorrow will be glorious when the sun pokes her head up from an easterly position The birds sing with great anticipation as she graces the dawn with such elegance and beauty

If you stand on the shores at a most easterly point

you will see her in all of her glory. climbing to her pinnacle and showering the earth with warmth and an awe and splendour she can bring a smile to your face and makes you feel like king, queen

when she kisses your skin everybody knows she definitely leaves her mark bronze, brown and even lobster red her power has no bounds that you may even need protection and then she starts her descent

you now feel a tinge of cold because she dominated the day yet as she falls to sleep and allows her sister to now dominate the night she does so with a superiority as you see her slowly bow down to the night The a burnt umber does so in a majestic and beautiful manner she never looks the same on any given night She is beautiful she is prominent Everybody loves her She is the Sun.......

Natasha John-Baptiste April 9 2015

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