6 Ways to love yourself

It is the hardest thing to look in the mirror and say to yourself

I love you

If we find it hard to do that to ourselves how in turn can we tell someone else that we love them?

If I am truthful I would tell you on more days than one in a year I loathe my very existence.

But I have to come to terms with my make up and deal with each day as it comes.

Not everybody has it easy. when we are born nobody but our nurturers are there to instill a value in us as individuals and this in turn will mould us into what we will become.

It takes alot of nurturing to raise a stable and capable human being. And even this has no guarantees.

Sadly some parents have not had the nurturing themselves and hence pass on a gaunlet of rejection.

A vicious cycle that if not broken will continue down the generations.

How do we overcome self hatred and love ourselves.

1. Remember you are the only one that wakes up in the morning to who you are.

Regardless of whether you are alone or have company, you are the one that dwells withih the shell of your own body and mind. We are the ones to determine whether we get up in the morning and make the most of our day or stay in bed under the duvet and not bother.

It does take a lot of strength on a daily basis to get through just one day.

2. When you rise give thanks that you have made it to yet another day ​in this universe

Tell yourself that no matter how small your significance you can make a difference regardless. Say hello to a stranger in the morning, help a lady with her buggy up the stairs. look for ways in which we can help others feel better about themselves. That inturn will make you feel a little better about yourself.

3. Be optimistic that things can get better.

What is your outlook is the glass half empty, half full or always full? How do you feel about what you do sometimes? We may complain and feel that we are not doing anything in our lives, that is of major importance, but can we find one positive thing that we have done that has made a difference to ourselves. It is quite surprising that when we do reflect on how far we have come, compared to what we were doing a year or two ago. See the progress that you may have made and commend yourself for it.

4. Its not all outward appearance.

Loving ourselves has nothing to do with the way that we look on the outside. Even though this world puts so much emphasis on outward appearance, having this attitude thus puts pressure on us as individuals to look and behave a certain way. There is beauty in variety, take a look at nature and see how everything created has its own individual mark and how beautifully it has been made. We are human kind and each of us is unique in our own way, there is no need to conform to please others. work from the inside out. Inner beauty is the key.

5. Its not about what others think.

Do you worry about being an individual and standing out from others? There is nothing wrong with being different and loving who you are as an idividual. Grasp your existence and love the space that you occupy. The world expects people to conform and follow the trends of the moment, why not set your own trends and have the confidence that you can pull it off.

6. You do not need validation from anybody.

At the end of the day you are the one living your life

Remember you are the one going through your own individual trials and sucessfully conquering them. you have every reason to feel proud of who you are and to love yourself because you are doing it. Be the one to take the first step. We show by action what we think and feel, if we give of ourselves then we will love ourselves more because we treat others how we wish to be treated.

Never would we want to do for others only because they do for us.

To love ourselves we must dig deep and realise that we are not far from it and it is not a difficult thing. In turn if we self love, we will be able to express our feelings for others and show by our actions that we truly do love ourselves.

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