Prisoner of the mind

I wrote this blog because it helped me to understand and see how individual autistic people react in different ways. there will be a series of poems for each individual as I see them. This one is how I see individuals and how the outside world views them from a workers point of view. all individuals are referred to as Anon.

Prisoner of the mind

As Anon sat there in his dismal prison he repeated the same movement again and again, drawing the same shape a square with a number on it. It had no significance to the observer you see, he was a freeman, not in literal confinement but he was a prisoner of his own mind. Getting understanding from the outsider was to no avail because Anon could not tell anyone how he really feels inside.

He loves silence and to much activity would send him off into a frenzy that would stun onlookers, frightening them because they just did not understand this free prisoner. The public would just stand there and stare in shock and disbelief, some one even stated once "How disgusting to blow ones nose like that in public yuck" and then instantly removed themselves from his presence. In their pre-judgemental existence leaving before taking the time to understand that Anon did not function the same as ordinary people do, the typical conventional person doing things verbatim almost the same as Anon but he is trapped and only Anon can truly understand from the confines of his own personal institution, why he does the things he does. In fact it may be that he does not really understand, so he carries on regardless.

As Anon smiled, every so often. One would think that a breakthrough has been made. You see these are special moments, where in a world that eye contact is very rare, that momentary glance means everything.

It is said that life is a cycle it goes round and around, people are born and people cease to be, however no two people are the same. There are average people, gifted people, difficult people, lonely people,

evil people and people who are trapped in their minds and bodies with no voice and really no choice but to be assisted and resisted by those who love or don't love them the most.

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