Not enough hours in the day

People often ask me where I get the time to do things, what with a day job, looking after my little salt fish, singing at the weekends and oh yes writing and working on various projects.

Although I am a very busy person and sometimes think that there's not enough hours in a day. There are no excuses to not finding the time to reach and achieve our goals and dreams.

Here are some ways to make the most out of the 168 hours that each of us are allotted per week.

1. Don't let life rob you of your dreams

put everything in its place of priority. Your goals and aspirations should take top priority, do not spend your life making someone else rich. your goals are just as important and yes there is the day job but use that in order to climb to where you want to be.

2. Every spare moment you get use it wisely.

On the bus or the train, on your break, instead of watching the tell lie vision. How much time do you spend doing something that equates to nothing? Use that time to build on your dreams and produce something tangible to share with others.

3. Think on the go and save it for later

If you do not get the chance to sit down during the day to muse then do it on the move which leads us into point 4

4. Always have a pen and paper handy

Most of us have devices now that can record our thoughts. If we are on the move dictate what your thoughts are and write them down later. Always have something you can write your thoughts on.

5. Multitask Remember a juggler they can throw a lot of objects at the same time. likewise with jobs and tasks we have to often be doing more than one thing at a time when trying to achieve the unbelievable. its not impossible. One point though do not burn yourself out if your tired do as much as you can and make sure that you rest.

6. Be organised Have a rota and a plan stick to your diary but leave time for flexibility. With organisation you can definitely find the time to fit everything into your schedule. Make sure that you stick to your plans and do not get sidetracked. This will enable you to find the time for at least a little of lifes pleasures.

No matter what your goals are they are all attainable. Make time for the important things (Your goals) and everything will fall into place.

See Y'all on the other side xx

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