Im Addicted

I posted this poem in the hey day of a new forum, Social networking and nothing has changed. It has only gotten worse.

Enjoy my poem y'all and see ya on the other side xx


As I sit here face to face with my computer screen an increasing sensation and desire burns within me to press the internet explore button for one thing and one thing only, To catch up on my social network site.

Now it pains me to say the things that I used to use my search engine for no longer take precedent, just two things plague my mind checking to see how many emails I have received from my social network site, the buzz of being acknowledged by at least one person its just like having a mobile phone that you want to ring at least once in order to hear from someone, a person in your life, that you love or may love you.

My palms sweat as I wait in anticipation for my hotmail page to load up, so I can see how much I am loved, sad how a virtual world of real people can govern ones mood and how you function on a day to day basis, you don’t care, the only motivation is finding out whether anyone has taken note of what has been said, done or posted, and the relief that comes from you receiving a wall post or a heartfelt sentiment. Funny half the people on your network are strangers but yet you tap into their lives what does that say about you?

One virtual friends comment reads

“Busy day tomorrow. 2 meetings & more filming, same again on Thursday. I'm always around good people. Love my job.”

Or another virtual friends comment reads

“Sitting here trying to think of what to cook for dinner but I don’t know”

Who really gives a Damn?

Are our lives so shallow and empty that we feel the need to tell the world of virtual people how we feel?

What about the real people in our lives? The ones we can see, touch and love. I recall being in the living room with my husband on many occasions each of us in our own virtual realm him on his gaming console, me on my social network site and not a word spoken between the two of us yet the inanimate objects hold us captivated, their presence has stolen our sense of social awareness of each other, or we have allowed the virtual world and the things in it embrace us, we forget to show each other the caress of love and instead feel the inanimate touch and see what are really only illusions.

An upside to the whole social networking institution is that you can catch up with friends and relatives abroad and local, its great for what its name says networking if you have a function or up and coming events then it is a great tool for that I was able to get in touch with a person from the past we grew up together and I always wondered how she was doing and low and behold I found her after searching the data bank fantastic, 5 hours later, I am still here time is precious.

It is an addiction of false realities because half of us on social networking sites live very virtual lives a realm where lies can be truth and truth can be lies. I have a farm to build up and animals to keep or send me a goldfish for my virtual fish tank. Am I going to go into rehab am I going on a detoxification program to cleanse my soul of this hold that social networking has on me? I think not for my mind tells me to stop this foolishness, go and bake a cake, you can eat that. But my heart tells me to switch my computer on seek the internet explore button and start the whole mundane process all over again.

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