He is King

He is not a man he is not a boy he is not a Prince but mmmmm.

He is King

He rubs my feet when they ache,

He runs my water before ask

He greets my morning with a fresh cup of coffee.

He looks out for me

He greases my lox

He assists me on those gruesome shopping days that I know he forsakes his own feelings for

He is the father of my children

He takes me to the plains of ecstasy.

We transcend the ether and he takes me beyond the moon and the stars.

We Traverse the universe unified.

In my deepest and darkest moments you are there to ease the adverse deliberations of my mind and bring me back to equilibrium

you fight your corner when under the microscope You have had to struggle to take your place where they say there is not one for you

putting up a wall to linger in the strength of adversity and every time you come out on top a winner

You cry in silence because your seriousness in not considered yet you will rise to fight another battle.

You are loved and adored yet feel inadequate.


You are needed by your Queen holding it down and putting up with her inhibitions

You remain resilient in opposition.

He is not a man he is not a boy he is not a Prince but mmmmm

He is King

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