Stop over thinking

Is a storm coming?

Have you ever bumped into someone and immediately after engaging with them started to doubt the conversation that you had? Or have you sent a text to someone and thought oh shucks why did I send that and then start to beat yourself up over it?

I have on occasion done this and have almost likely over analysed the situation and by doing this have gotten so worked up over it that it has almost made me sick to the stomach.

Over the years I have learnt and acquired the tools in order to combat these deep feelings of anxiety and anguish, coming to the conclusion that in most instances it really doesn't matter at all.

1. Don't over analyse

You will only make your self sick and mentally unstable. Let that ish go.

2. So what its out there in the universe

Your still alive now and in the many days and years to come. Don't hold onto it, you just bring yourself down by going over and over the conversation in your head and this does not solve anything, that is if there is anything to solve. Let it go. Now is a new minute and in the next hour it will be a new hour. leave it 24 hours and it will be a new day.

A new day will come

3. Whats the worse that can happen to you.

the conversation had no affect on the other person or they agree with your sentiments. If that is the case then you lost and wasted time worrying about nothing. Things always work out for the good in the end.

Its not worth wasting your energy worrying about what people thought or think of you, that is their problem, let them deal with it. The main thing is that you keep your sanity. We all screw up occasionally saying and doing stupid things, making poor life choices. But don't hold onto the negative thoughts and feelings. Let that pass with the wind and let the rain wash it away. Life is to short to be overly concerned. However a word of caution.

Words are powerful so always listen more and speak less. That way we will know how to answer and act wisely.

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