The reason why I began to write is because I have a passion for words. I realised recently that I have been writing since I was 14 years of age and in turn have had some serious catastrophe's in my life. There was one stage where my life went so dark and I was lost for a little while. However I came out on the other side a different person.

Money is never the driving force for what I do and in many instances I always feel as if I come out as the underdog regardless of how much effort I put into things. Even though these feelings surface from time to time, they have a place. In the back seat and are never allowed to consume my thought space for too long.

I never really had a plan but realise that one is most definitely needed in order to make progress. Part of my plan is to give back to the community in whatever way I can.

For a long time I lived with the thought of the world ending and at that time my pursuits were to help people see and prepare for the time of the end. Yet I have come to realise that everyday is not promised and each day is a challenge within itself. I no longer live for when the end of the world comes but live everyday trying the best I can to help others and myself. I do not care less anymore about being judged by people because it is my life to live and I can choose to do whatever I want with it. People will always be people and their tribulations belong to them and not me.

I will continue to write be it music, books or just words and have every confidence to make a living out of what I do.

Nothing in life comes to easy, effort is always needed to achieve the smallest thing. I am a firm believer that whatever you put into something you must reap something back. The cycle of air "We inhale the oxygen that the trees provide and the trees benefit from the Carbon dioxide that we exhale" pure and simple nature teaches us the great lessons.

What we need to do is observe listen and learn.

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