Will Brexit lead to a Blaxit

Will Brexit lead to a Blaxit

With so much talks of London leaving the European union and going it alone. Many settlers from the black diaspora are feeling the negative effects, they are asking themselves a question.

Are they really British.

According to BBC news an increasing number of young black professionals are making the choice to migrate to Africa. DJ Koby had concerns about employment and starting a family in the UK.

Menalated people have been present in Britain for more than 400 years, by means of colonisation and slavery. In regards to the Eu debate they have not been recognised and have been omitted from the debate with no regard. Black people are only considered when it comes to crime and policing matters and when it comes to matters of being part of the nation, they are excluded and treated less than second rate citizens.

This is what appears to be the case.

A recent survey done in April 2017 showed that 53% of whites voted to leave the Eu and a staggering 73% of Black Britons and 67% of Asians voted to remain. With such a racial divide and many Black Britons not feeling welcome in the UK. Are opportunities appearing to be more limited for ethnic minorities.

Although Black britons have contributed to the history of the UK. Being colonial allies in the World War 2. They have brought along with them diverse culture, music, entertainment and so much more. Should Black Britons now feel that there is no place for them here in a new UK following Brexit. There has been a rise in racial abuse and hate crimes not only for blacks but anyone not considered a British national.

Having already seen young African professionals choosing to return home to pursue opportunities not afforded them here in the UK. Statistics show that black male undergraduates are twice as likely to be unemployed. A study done back in 2015 showed that 50 out of 500 top graduate employers of which only 5.5% of those employers employed 1803 graduates and only 30 were black males. Does any more math need to be done?

Black Britons now feel it is their obligation to take matters into their own hands and start to map out a destiny where the control belongs to them. If this is the case will Brexit lead to a Blaxit.

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