A weird and wonderful world

Top of the morning to you all two days in to the new week and I thought I would focus on some funny bits of news.

I thought this one quite amusing can you believe that Londoners lose 35 sex toys on the tube a year, I kid you not. I mean who travels around with these things in their bags and brief cases. More so who hands them in to Transport for London's Lost and found department? The more burning question is are they ever reported as lost?

Other lost items were 744 crutches and 135 wigs they must have a right laugh in the office you know you always get the odd one bursting into song with the blond wig singing "My name is Talulah" Who knows.

In other news yes those traffic wardens don't seem to be doing their jobs properly. Instead of issuing PCN tickets they are napping inside the Wallace Art Collection in Westminster. Tut tut tut.

Little Phoenix a cute little moggy has been rescued from a garden fire The 14-week-old kitten, suffered horrific burns during a garden fire in Sunderland, but is now well on her way to recovery.

It must be true, a cat does have nine lives.


With so much going on in the world, weird and wonderful, serious and crazy. Whatever you are doing stay safe and be vigilant and don't forget to check out 40 on Amazon


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