The week has flown

Hello beautiful peeps and what a way the week has flown by so quickly.

With so much going on it is hard to keep up with everything and things often go under the radar.

Did you hear the bit of news regarding a disabled single mother without electricity who was told to heat the babies bottle under her armpit? What is the world coming to has compassion well and truly gone out of the window?

Read it here

What about The update on Rashan Charles and the speculations about him swallowing a controlled substance. It has been confirmed that is not the case. After violent clashes at the weekend regarding this young mans untimely death. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have verified that forensic have stated there was no controlled substance found.

Read it here

Lets give a hi five to centurion Eileen Gibson, she must have seen some things in her life. We can always learn from the elderly. Happy 100th Birthday Eileen.

Read it here

The working week is almost over and there is just too much to report on. Whatever you are doing today stay calm and always be positive.

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