What is happening to the world

Looking over the weeks activity and the general consensus of breaking news it is really sad to see that there is a rise in violent crime. Is it that the world has become smaller by means of the internet and we hear news as it unfolds or is the world really getting more dangerous.

From the view of my computer screen I take a shot of what has happened in just the last 6 hours and it shocks the living daylights out of me.

Within that small space of time there have been at least two counts of violence. Has humanity taken an all time plunge into the depths of a loveless society? What happened to the time when borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbour was something that was not frowned upon? Can you say you even know your neighbours?

What do we need to change the ever increasing violence are we doomed to a world where walking the streets becomes completely unsafe?

There are so many questions to be considered and so many that go unanswered. What are we doing personally to make this world a better place for the next generation?


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