Why do weekends have to end so quickly

I have barely had twenty winks and look its Monday already. Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, be it with family, friends or catching up on a well deserved rest.

Over the weekend we saw police lock down an illegal rave where 12 people were arrested in Swanley.

People aged between 17 and 41 that attended the party were arrested due to causing a disturbance. Thankfully I gave that one a miss. Nearly 500 party goers entered an industrial site unit to party the night away with unlicensed music and no consent from the owner of the premises.

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How do you like your eggs? It has become apparent that Belgium has revealed that they covered up the fact that Dutch farms were using insecticide on the eggs, that they have been producing. These eggs were found to contain a chemical called fipronil which can cause damage to the Kidneys, liver and thyroid gland.

Holland is one of the biggest importers of eggs to Europe. Almost 200 poultry farms have been shut down until further investigations have been carried out.

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It seems that we are still having the breastfeeding in public issue. A mother was told to cover up at the V&A museum, she was quite perplexed and took snaps of at least six sculptures that were exposing naked nipples. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. What are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public?

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Now this is a banger right here. Do you like classical music? The police are set to play classical music on the Broadwater Farm estate. The reason behind this is that the MET feel that using classical music is a crime fighting tool to reduce anti social behaviour. The experiment has been tried and tested on the London underground.

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With so much going on, even in just one square mile of any vicinity. Have a great week be wise, productive, diligent, safe and pop into onethingabouthistory.com for some great offers.

See yall on the other side xx


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