I don't like spiders

So Thursday has arrived, and its almost the end of yet another week. Whew I was driving along the road yesterday and low and behold a creature almost made me crash the car. Thankfully I faced my fears and got that little blighter out and may I add it was still alive (just).

So with news of a minor printing error causing Transport for London (TFL) to discard 400K maps of the underground. Morden is not on the tram line it is on the northern line an error found by London Blogger Diamond Geezer. The mistake was found half way through the printing process.

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A mother has issued a warning to other parents after her baby was almost strangled with a faulty strap on the babies pushchair. She noticed that her child's cries changed and saw that the harness of her icandy Peach Buggy had broken and choking her baby .

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Police are on the hunt for a man that has been trying to lure women into his car in South Oxhey. A woman in her 20s was involved in an incident near Prestwick Road on the 30th July, before 9PM by a man in a white car. The foreign man approached the young woman and her friend, however they declined and walked in the opposite direction. Police are looking into the incident.

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Why would you want three top of the range Ferrari's, when you could just simply settle for one. A business man John Saunders from St Johns Wood forged bank statements allowing him to get his hands on £230.000 in order to procure the luxury motors.

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The weeks are rolling by very quickly and we are almost entering into the Autumn season. The nights will get shorter and we will have more time to be creative. Use your talents and gifts to shine beautiful people.

See yall on the other side.


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