Rise and Shine

Its a brand new day with a renewed vigour and the beginning of a the phase of the third quarter month of the moon. August moon is known as the sturgeon due to the fish found in American lakes. The Native indians named it after crops. The corn, fruit and grain moon.

Usain Bolt left the running track with a pulled muscle after being left in the cold before the 4x 100 relay race. He had words for all of those who cheat and take performance enhancing drugs. He said “I’ve always been strong on doping, I feel like athletes should get life bans."

Usain is living proof, he has proven to the world many times over that it is through hard work that you can do it, thats how he achieved becoming who he is.

We respect you Mr Bolt.

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As if people were not paying enough to get to work, prices have yet to rise on a rail season ticket. Costing commuters 3.5% next year. Some passengers although the price increase, still have to stand for their full journeys and are not guaranteed a comfortable ride to their destinations. This is the highest increase in five years.

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Our children are so precious to us and given the times that we live in, it is imperative to teach them to be even more vigilant than ever before. Glenn Friend aged 28, temporarily living in Walthamstow, has been jailed after using the app Live.me which is popular with youngsters. He is believed to have incited a young girl aged 9 to have sexual activity over a a live stream.

On the 5th August Friend was sentenced to to four years at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

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Are you planning on going to the Notting hill carnival at the end of the month? Facial recognition intelligence is planned to be used by London's Metropolitan Police. With tens of thousands expected at this world renowned street party. The civil rights action group Liberty have said the technology should not be used and that it is racist, because the Carnival is aimed at those with an African Caribbean heritage. The police have said that it will help spot trouble makers.

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There is always something to be thankful for and people to appreciate. We are here to make a difference. There is nothing better than starting with a clean page and filling it with great wonders. Have a positive rising.

See Y'all on the other side.


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