The greatest garments you wear are love and a smile.

August 16, 2017



A beautiful day and sweet arisings. August, a great month. It is the month when British broadcaster Sir Trevor McDonald who turns 77 today was born. Also the first stamp designed by a black artist Georg Olden, was issued and in 1961 August 16, Martin Luther King protested for black voting rights in Miami.


London is never dull and the underground can bring joy and fear. A mans neck was fractured on the London underground in a brawl on the Jubilee line. The fight broke out in the early hours on the 5th August, between Wembley park and Waterloo station. 




British Transport police are appealing for information from anyone who may have witnessed the incident. Detective constable Michael Baker added: "The people involved sustained injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to a fractured neck.


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Plans to shed 3% of its health workers across three boroughs in London are bound to shake up the sexual health service Doctors have warned. With this being the case they have said that there will be an increase in unintended pregnancies and STI's. 


MP.s call for the state visit by Trump to be cancelled. Theresa May is under pressure to rescind the invitation to Trump, after he failed to condemn white supremacist groups in Virginia, where a woman was left dead in outright violence.


Nia Giffith the Shadow defence secretary tweeted "A state visit by #DonaldTrump would shame this country and betray all we stand for. Theresa May should revoke the invitation immediately."




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Barrack Obama has the most liked tweet in history Condemning the racism and far right violence in Charlottesville. His tweet read: “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion."




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Where ever your road may lead you today be it windy or straight one.  Always remember that the greatest garments you can wear are love and a smile.

Have a beautiful day.



See y'all on the other side.




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