All one needs is time.

Greetings beautiful people. It seems that all the news is the same from day to day. Stabbing, killings and pure violence. TFL keep on making the same mistakes and prices just keep on rising in every avenue.

The governments are not in control and people are out of control. Where do we fit in and how does it affect us?

Cross over the road and take a walk on the sunny side of the street.

Are you a worrier? Did you know that people who worry too much are scientifically associated with higher intelligence.

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There will not be war against North Korea and the U.S.

Moon Jae-In said “The people worked together to rebuild the country from the Korean War, and we cannot lose everything again because of a war,” he went on to say in a nationally televised news conference. “I can confidently say there will not be a war again on the Korean Peninsula.”

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Uganda is finding it hard to cope with the influx of South Sudanese refugees. The number has reached the one million mark on Thursday. Many displaced and desperate families have fled from civil war in their country. This is the biggest refugee crisis since the massacre in Rwanda in 1994.

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It is results day for many students in some boroughs, A-level and BTEC students will find out if their hard work has paid off.

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Sometimes it takes a little time to find inspiration. But that is all one needs, time. Never give up. Have a wonder filled day beautiful ones.

See y'all on the other side


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