A new phase

New arising's beautiful people. Today parts of the world will see a total solar eclipse. Sadly we will not see it here in the UK.

What did the weekend bring us?

The great Dick Gregory. Comedian, Civil rights activist and diet guru who made his mark in the 1960s USA. Has joined the ancestors. He was an inspiration to all of us.

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We say goodbye to Sir Bruce Forsythe a legend of show business.

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Britain is due to experience a mini heat wave this week with temperatures reaching an all time high since the beginning of August.

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Japan successfully launched a H-IIA rocket carrying a navigation satellite to improve Japans GPS services.

Watch it here.


Children and Teens are suffering with type 2 diabetes. More and more young people are falling victim to the condition. The number has risen by 14% within a year.

Most of these young people are clinically obese and aged 15-19 years of age. This was unheard of 18 years ago.

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Look and dig deep within beautiful ones we can manifest anything we desire. With hard work and dedication everything is possible. Savour nature and appreciate everything around you.

See y'all on the other side


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