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Top of the morning to you beautiful ones. Are you looking forward to the forecasted heat wave that is due to hit us shortly?

We did not get to see the solar eclipse from this side of the Atlantic however Donald Trump went one step further and thought that he would just look at it with his bare eyes. He ignored warnings and went ahead and watched without any protective glasses, he finally succumbed to the need to put a pair on.

Does he really think that he is God? No one can count for stupid but if there were an award for it he would definitely win.

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A young boy has died eating fish fingers from the school canteen when they failed to read his paperwork, highlighting that he was allergic and not meant to eat fish. Ishmaeel Ashraf, aged nine was served the deadly dish and complained of a stomach ache an hour later, an inquiry heard. Paramedics were called to Al-Hijrah school in Bordesley Green, Birmingham.

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I wondered about this the other day when I went to my local bank only to find the doors closed and the branch shut. Banks are ditching the high street and steering their customers to online banking. This may be good for some but what about the vulnerable customers that have to travel miles to access their money?

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Does this make you laugh? I didn't get it myself. Comedian Ken Cheng won the award for the funniest joke. It's a one liner that reads like this.

"I'm not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change. 33% of people voted this joke as the best gag.

Do you agree?

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Beautiful ones we woke up this morning. All thanks to the universe for a brand new day, lets make the most of it.

See y'all on the other sideSaveSaveSave

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