Nothing new under the sun

Good day to you beautiful ones. The sun has not put in an appearance but we still live in hope that it burns brightly in the sky behind the clouds. Its a new day and the close of summer draws near.

It is officially GCSE results day for all teenagers here in the UK, although some young people received their results last week, more than half a million students will receive their results today. Tougher exams and a new numerical grading systems have been adapted in England.

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Croyden Council have urged residents to be vigilant, more than 100 residents with learning disabilities have been targeted by scammers posing as council employees. Six residents and their carers have been defrauded via emails in the name of genuine personnel from Croydon council, sending a link for overdue payments.

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A typhoon has hit the region of Macau Southern China. The clean up operation will begin. Authorities in China have confirmed 9 dead.

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The pound has dipped ahead of UK GDP figures. Analysts expect a 0.3% increase of growth putting the Pound Sterling under pressure.

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With so much going on in the world its hard to know what to write about. The planet is a big place and what affects one part is a far cry from what is going on, on our doorstep.

Be safe and be vigilant beautiful ones.

See y'all on the other side

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