Back on it beautiful ones

How you all doing out there in this very interesting world?

I started this year with grief and it has taken well over a month to getting back on track, however as it turned out I have been given the half term to get myself recomposed and aligned.

I was asked how do I do it? The family, the music, the books and the secular work. My reply was I just make the time. Oh and I love to keep myself busy.

Check out my Not enough hours in the day blog for some more tips


Someone asked me yesterday "What is the purpose of your life?" my reply was "To live it."

Tomorrow is never guaranteed so I want to get the most out of whatever time I have allotted out to me.

So as I write and listen to some sweet Donny Dulcet tones I am inspired to get as much as I can get done today.

Keep on going.

This year watch out for events and a step by step guide to keep it moving. People always used to say to me "Keep on going." That line never used to make any sense. I would think "Keep going where?" Now I know and have made meaning to the so called funny statement. Right now I am going to work.

Make it all count

Have an awesome day beautiful ones and remember our existence is phenomenal we can truly make a difference no matter how small and insignificant we may think we are. We are.

See y'all on the other side.

Natasha Wimbo John-Baptiste

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