8 Ways to combat negative remarks?

It seems that regardless of what you do at times there will always be someone in the wings to criticise and tear down our hard work or opinions.

The last time that I looked we were living in a so called democracy where freedom of speech was something that everybody was entitled to, has this idea changed?

Here are some ways to reverse negative responses to your hard work.

1. Its none to your business what other people think of you.

What matters most is what you think of yourself.

2. The reason why people get at you is because they may have no vision for themselves or have never taken any steps to use their own gifts.

In this instance you realise that these people always have a beef about something but never get off of their backside's to change.

Leave them right where they are and carry on regardless it is their battle not yours.

3. Do not get offended or take any negative remarks personally.

If you do this then there is a danger that your self esteem may be compromised and with every dig at your character you will feel worse about yourself. Do not allow foolish remarks to chip away at you this is very damaging and in the end will break you down if you allow it.

4. Carry on and grow ever stronger.

Believe in your gifts they are yours for a reason. You can only be you at any given time. It is your right to be as creative and expressive as you want to be. You can only be you.

5. Remember what your long term vision is and make the steps to reach your goals.

Nobody pays the rent of your mind if you allow others to infiltrate the way you think about yourself your journey is going to be a long one. Remain focused and use any negative force as a stepping stone to grow.

6. Always evaluate any criticism.

Remember what they have said and analyse it. Criticism is a good character builder as there is always a lesson that we can learn from it. Allow anything that can make you grow as a person, but remember only use what is positive remember polarity we all need a little negative to charge the battery so we need the balance in order to be powered up in the right way.

7. Love and happiness can only come from you.

Any external factor is a bonus to the way we feel about ourselves, but it truly has to start with us. What is validation? recognition or affirmation that you and your feelings or opinions are valid and worthwhile. Do you believe this statement.

8. It all starts and ends with you.

It doesn't matter what people think, they too are allowed their opinions. Let them have their say, they are entitled to it just as much as you are. Do not be affected or infected by them, remember it is just someone else's thought or idea on the matter.

With all things being said it is of no value to take on any form of negative emotions from nobody not even ourselves. Keep on making progress when it comes to using our gifts and grow in the thought that our long term visions are being realised. Nobody else can move us to make a change only we can do that.

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