How do you see yourself?

Your friend takes a picture of you and the first thing you do is look at the image presented. How do you feel about it? You more than likely cringe and ask them to take another one. By about shot 10 you might just be happy with what the picture looks like.

It is amazing however that the way others see us is not the way we see ourselves. This is because a printed image or even a glimpse in the mirror is not a firsthand sight, as I see you 3 dimensionally we only see a reflection of ourselves.

You are more beautiful than you think. Society also plays a big part in how we see ourselves generally through other peoples eyes. Western society says you gotta be tall, blonde and skinny to fulfil the ideal. Throughout time the way people looked has changed in many ways.

I was thinking that I constantly have something to say even though my mouth is not moving. Its that little voice in ones head that constantly chatters away isn't it, the internal battle. How do you quieten it down and look at yourself in a positive way?

1. Do Not overthink

I am a stickler for that but it really does not matter as we do not know what others are thinking, they are probably just as scared as you are.

2. Speak up

If you have something to say, say it. What is the worst that someone can do (Kill you and end up in jail I don't think so) or the likeliest thing is they will say yes or no. If a yes response is what you wanted thats a good thing, a no response, at least you can accept and move on .

3. Learn to accept who you are

As already stated the world puts so much emphasis on outward appearance. The thing is we are all going to fade eventually when it comes to our looks. Internal beauty will never fade. How beautiful are you on the inside? This far outweighs anything else.

4. There is always someone better, love the skin your in.

There will always be someone younger, prettier, taller, thinner. Its an exhaustive list again it really has nothing to do with you all you can do is work on yourself nobody else.

5. Your the key to your own happiness

Only one key works in the lock that it was made for, you were made for you. To enjoy your life. Do not waste time worrying for every moment you waste on not loving yourself that is time lost on what you could do positively to grow.

Go and look in the mirror and list at least ten things that you love about yourself. Tell yourself what you like and appreciate about who you are.

You are beautiful

#Loveyourself #Character #Selfie #overthinkin #Acceptance #Happiness

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