What are we designed for?

I wear so many hats, but have I become master of none?

As I sit here in the contemplation of my own headspace. Surrounded by strangers, surrounded by uncertainty. We are all on a journey somewhere.

Right now I am on a journey of self progression, I am finding myself to better myself.

I cried with a friend last night, we realised that we are both hurting from the deep scars of the past. Isn't childhood meant to foster happy memories and adolescence meant to foster wild adventure? Or is that in an ideal world? A yearning heart can do only one of two things yearn or stop yearning. I have heard it said that the heart is treacherous, I agree. It can also be empty, full of pain, joyful, loving and resentful. There is an exhaustive list.

As I write tears well up in my eyes at the realisation of all the things that have brought me to this point, I realise that the negative factors have overwhelmed the positive ones, yet regardless of the past it has not governed my and does not govern your future. Refusal to dwell where the pain exists we must look ahead to the universe and the abundance that awaits all of us if we want it. The giving of ourselves to those who need us and loving the human beings that we choose to become.

Nothing is fore written we write the pages of our own destinies, we forge the future by being active in the present and learning from the past.

You can not achieve greatness by just having an idea, we must manifest the non physical to the tangible. Be creative and then produce the masterpiece in which we have a whole lifetime to share to the fullest.

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