Sow seeds in the mind

We are like plants, in fact our whole composition is the same as vegetation.

Have you ever planted something and watched it grow?

I have planted fruit and vegetables and watched them flourish, however there has been a time where I left my garden and nothing grew.

Our minds are like gardens and whatever we plant there will grow if we nurture it enough.

How do we nurture the seeds that we plant in our minds and what kind of fruit can we reap


1. You choose the seeds

We can choose seeds of love, wealth, health, success the list is endless. You know what you dream of and you know what you require. So its up to you what seeds you choose to plant. Remember on the flip side there are seeds that can destroy, seeds of doubt, not seeing the good in ourselves and hate. Again an endless list. Those seeds are like the weeds that will overtake your garden and allow nothing to grow. Be careful not to sow weeds.


2. What are our minds like?

When planting seeds the soil needs to be fertile and contain nutrients. Are our minds ready and prepared to accept the seeds we wish to plant? With the right mindset and belief, whatever we plant in our minds will grow.


3. Nurture the seeds

When looking at our garden, we must water whatever we have planted otherwise the seeds will not grow, we generally have different patches for different plants and it can sometimes take a while to tend to everything. Yet we carry out the task regardless because we want to see fruitage.

Our goals and ambitions are our seeds nurture them and watch them grow.


4. Place in a sunny spot

Our seeds need germination and with water and sun this process will happen. The sun in our minds is the constant reminder of what we have planted. Keep on reminding ourselves that we will reach the goal and our seeds will grow into the fruitage that we have placed there.


4.We need room to grow.

Do not plant and forget what we have planted. Meet others that are on the same wavelength as you. Go to networking functions where you will be encouraged by people of like minds. Most plants grow in synchronicity to make them stronger.


5. Follow all the steps above and wait.

Every so often weeds will grow up and this is the time to root out anything negative. Have the strong belief and desire, all that you do will not be done in vain. Maintain your garden protect the mind and keep speaking to your plants.


5. There is nothing like eating the fruit of your labour

Whatever seeds you have planted will have come to fruition and you can reap the fruitage you have worked so hard to maintain and grow.

Our minds are gardens whatever we believe we can achieve. Its not easy and its not impossible. Strive to attain and live in your greatness. We are all beautiful individuals that have purpose.

See y'all on the other side

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