5 Signs to a healthy relationship

We have all taken a ride in a ship at certain stages in our lives. They could be friendships, relationships, courtships and companionships.

Ships are designed to carry the passengers from one place to another some are on long haul and some on short journeys.

How do we survive the journey and have a lasting ship that we do not have to abandon.

1. Trust

If there is no trust then there is no point. We must trust the person taking us on that journey if we need to second guess them then we should not embark.

2. Foundation

How did we get on board at the point of embarkation? Did we access the ship with all of the legal documents or did we stow away? If we were truthful from the start then it has the right foundation however If the relationship started off on the wrong footing, if we manipulated a situation and gained access being deceitful (cheating, Lying, etc) then we may be destined for disaster, there is cause for concern and point one, trust, has already been compromised and jeopardised.

3. Space

We must allow the other person in the relationship to breathe. There is nothing worse than each person being insecure and jealous this will never work. Allow your partner to be themselves. I'm sure they never signed up for being suffocated. No one wants to feel that their freedom is on the line. We are all individuals that were born freely again this is where the trust should kick in.

4. Respect

Remember you chose each other. Give one another the dignity that you can both contribute to a faithful and loving relationship. In turn through mutual respect, loyalty will come and trust will be maintained.

5. Love

We all need love. Do not allow our inner voices to destroy what could be a good thing. Because of our upbringing and backgrounds this can have a profound effect on how the relationship will go. Love covers up so many things. Let our love be the seal that cements everything.

Relationships are not easy ships to travel on and there are so many obstacles that we may come up against. The causes of a shipwreck include the stranding of a ship on rocks, land or shoal, poor maintenance, or the destruction of a ship at sea by violent weather. This may cause the ship to sink.

If our relationships are going to be lasting ones we must apply all of the positive aspects to keep it afloat. We can be the destructive force leading to shipwreck. What are we doing to maintain and look out for any dangers that may be lurking beneath the surface. Our own insecurities, lack of respect, the way we laid the foundation and trust in our relationships are vital characteristics that can make or break a ship that we so wanted to sail off into the sunset in.

Whatever we do always look for ways to secure a loving relationship. Do not listen to those negative voices in our heads. Always look at the bigger picture and try not to nit pick at everything. Its hard enough trying to maintain two imperfect beings but see the perfection in the imperfection. Work with each other.

See y'all on the other side

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