5 ways to maintain your mental health?

In an ever-increasing world where pressures are high and tolerance levels are low how do we keep our sanity?

Mental health is a growing concern and is becoming a global issue. How can we maintain a good level of mental health in a busy world?

It has been estimated that 7.8% of the British public have a mental disorder where anxiety and depression are the most common. Life can get very hectic and having depression or anxiety can affect individuals on a daily basis.

All is not lost as there are ways in which people can overcome and have the tools to cope in today's hectic society.

Depression is the most common form of mental health. Almost everybody has experienced low periods and mood swings at some point in his or her life, however for a deeply depressed person, they may sense many different emotions. Guilt, low self esteem, no appetite, unable to get a good nights sleep, unable to maintain concentration and no energy.

Since 2014 there has been a 15% increase in the UK where people as young as 16 years of age have exhibited signs of depression.

Mental health is a vast subject and we all at one time have to come face to face with whom we are, and don't know or love ourselves enough to cope with the every day stresses.

How do we keep ourselves mentally healthy?

1. It is always good to have someone positive to talk to.

There is nothing wrong with talking about how we feel. It is always encouraging when we know that we can talk about our feelings to a close friend, relative or even a counsellor. Being able to talk helps to alleviate any stress or tension that we may be feeling.

2. Take in some form of exercise.

It doesn't matter what you do, go to the gym, find a local dance group, even taking an evening stroll or anything that raises your pulse and heart rate is good.

This will help keep you to fit, boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

3.Watch what you eat.

Eating a good balanced and healthy diet is very important. Although life can be hectic and getting food to go may be more convenient. Mental health and diet are linked. Try to choose a healthy option if you are going to eat out and when dining in choose fresh and unprocessed options, cook home made meals. We have heard it said we are what we eat.

4. Talk to a professional.

If you are feeling down, then there is nothing wrong with seeking out a professional. Many people look down on counseling but councellors are trained to equip individuals with the right tools to cope with feelings of anxiety and depression. There are different ways to be referred you can ask your general practitioner or refer yourself directly to an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) team in your area.

5. Always try to be positive.

A lot of anxiety and depression starts with the way that we see things.

The how do we see the glass syndrome, half empty or half full. Having a positive outlook, even when faced with hard decisions, puts us in the mindset of approaching a situation in a positive way and helps us to manage even trying situations.

We can be healthy when it comes to matters of the mind. Mental health can be maintained and we can overcome issues that may force us to feel dejected. Nevertheless if we do get low periods remember the only way is up and it will pass.

Keep rising and striving to be positive in our outlook.

We can win.


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