Do not make new years resolutions

Every time the new year comes around I find myself saying the same thing

"This years going to be better than last year"

Would you agree?

We make all of these resolutions only to break them on the same day or within the month. I have decided that ones mind has to be set and focused long before the song of ole lang syne is sung.

What can we do to maintain a change and stick to the choices that we have made.

1. Attitude

Once we change our mindset, the first thing we should think about is our attitude. The definition of attitude is to have a settled way of thinking and feeling about something. If we need to refine our thinking and recognise that a change in our attitude is needed, then this will help us to grow as an individual?

Where there is growth there is change.

2. The way we think is the way that we feel.

Its all in our thought process If we have an occurring problem or a bad habit, how do we overcome the barrier how do we stop what is causing us to continually fall by the wayside? Think positively and we will overcome the obstacles that stand in our way. Do this regularly in moments of silence dwell on overcoming. Change your thought process work in harmony with them, this leads to us being a stronger willed person. This in turn will help us to overcome our issues and problems.

3. How do we approach the way we do things?

Is it a mountain or a molehill?

Whatever our previous resolutions were, did we overcome them or did they overtake us. It is our approach to what we want to change. Do we continually linger on past thoughts? This is what makes us remain in the same mindset that we are trying to move away from. Move on from the past and recognise that it does not define us. We learn from it but what we are doing in the moment is what matters.

4. We live here in the present

Whatever we are doing in the now is whats important. This is where the strength lies. If we keep thinking on old matters then the urge to go back to our bad habits or to focus on our issues is where the resolve to change will be challenged. Think on something different and change the old way of thinking and do something else. The present determines the battles we may have within ourselves and knowing that we can change our thought process will allow us to put to rest the old and focus on the new.

5. A resolution is a resolve to change, but does not necessarily mean that we are going to.

Do not make resolutions but make the change. By applying all of the above. A change in attitude, our thinking, the way that we do things and living in the present, these are small steps to change. Saying we are going to do something and not acting in harmony with what we say are just merely spoken words that have no meaning and can lead to disappointment.

It is not easy to change old habits and do new things that benefit us. As is said they die hard. However it is not impossible to overcome our problems and bad habits. There is always room for growth and with growth comes beautiful fruitage.

Wishing you all the best for the new year

See y'all on the other side.

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