Listen to the inner voice

Do you ever hear an internal voice speaking to you?

What do you do when it speaks, listen to or ignore it?

That voice inside is intuition and a guide. Sometimes it can be as negative as hell, that is when you have to tell it to shut the #*@? up. However on the flip side the voice that speaks to you while you sleep the one that encourages you to be a more rounded out person.

You gotta listen to it.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and that little voice says "Turn here." Yet you forgo the advice and thus add twenty minutes to your journey? What about the voice that says "don't do it i'm feeling really uncomfortable about this, that guy or gal is a jerk?" But you choose to ignore it and end up in an unhealthy relationship that lasts a lot longer than it should have done.

We speak into existence and before speech comes thought, that inner voice, that so silently egg's us on to do good and even bad.

For thirty days listen to those positive inner voices and see what impact it has on your life. What we think about is what we become. What we think about is what will manifest.

Think on divine love light and truth, your truth.

See y'all on the other side.

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