What is your goal and your purpose?

Do you have a game plan when it comes to utilising your life goals?

We are all here for a purpose and in that purpose we need to find out what it is.

We all have the ability to achieve great things and there is so much in us that we have to give.

What does your life reflect and what is your life showing you that you are? Are you doing what you want to do or are you doing the bare minimum just to survive.

We make many excuses and put off what we should be doing now and claim that at a future time we will get these things done. There are so many distractions that keep us from what we really want to be doing. Even the day job speaks loudly to us and robs us of the many joys of personal development. The day job drains us and the weekends go ever so quickly that our dreams are still yet put on hold. Yes the bills do need to be paid and they will be regardless. I noticed that a tube of toothpaste lasts just a month and so does the shopping. That is how the system is set up to live month to month and mouth to mouth.

How can our goals and purpose be realised even though the struggle is real?

1. Your dreams are important.

Even though we may feel that the future is where we can accomplish or dreams and ambitions, the now is where we are. Do not put off today what we may not be able to do tomorrow. The moment now is guaranteed, tomorrow is not. Do not look back with regrets but live your dreams in the here and now. We all have gifts to share with others, utilise those gifts and help others using them.

2. See your fullest potential.

We have so much in us to share. Do you see your full potential? You are made for a reason. What is it? Have the courage to know that you can reach the best in you.

3. Write down your goals.

Do you write much? Do you know what you want to achieve? Write down one short term and one major goal. The same things that you look forward to doing in the future write those goals down and reach them in a time frame that you set. Do not put them far off but keep them close. Work in harmony with what you have written down and accomplish those goals in real time.

4. Ask and it shall be given.

It is written that the things we ask for will be given to us. This is a universal law. As has already been mentioned we must work in harmony with the things that we ask for. Believe that you have received and it will come. Take the responsibility to work hard for your goals and purpose.

5. Change the relationships that are not working for you.

We may think that our friends and family are working for our benefit but if people are negative and speak against your goals then those people are not for you. Be amongst people that are like minded and on the same level as you. Be with people that will help you grow into yourself and those that too, are working hard themselves to achieve their greatness. Ask yourself what is this relationship doing to me? Are these people there in my time of need or are they only there when they need something ?

6. Be realistic

It is a lonely road when you are trying your best to reach your full potential. Sacrifices will have be made, however when you look back at your accomplishments, you know that it will all have been worthwhile. Whatever we send out will come back to us. Be diligent, work hard know your purpose.

We all have choices to make and are allotted the same amount of time on a daily basis. Utilise our choices and time well. Your goals will be realised.

You can do this.

See y'all on the other side

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