Freindship How do you know that you have the genuine article?


In most instances there will be some form of trademark or stamp along with some certification to indicate that you have the real and authentic item.

How can you be sure of this when it comes to so called friends, family and business associates?

Allow time

you gotta allow time for people to reveal who and what they really are. Because time is a great indicator and nobody can pretend for too long. Friendship in particular should not need to be forced in any way due to rapport it evolves into a natural joining of individuals that have many things in common, they are people that work together to build each other up and friends who only want the best for each other.

If you doubt any part of a friendship then it would be good to have a chat with your friend and see if they feel the same

A friend will be there for you no matter what they will support you 100 percent that is what friendship is all about to support, a give and take kind of thing.

Friendship should be a two way street and if you find that you are giving more and the other person is continually taking then it might be a good time to review how things are going, and take the relevant action.

When it comes to family sadly we can choose our friends but family is a whole other ball game. blood is the bond that ties us together and whether you get on or not whether they have your back or not your bloodline is the factor the love that ties you together as a seal. If you do not get on then you may have to hold back and restrict your association with any individual that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We have the choice in whom we want to associate with.

When it comes to business it is not necessarily a friendship that we want to build on but the expertise. It is a bonus if you can be good friends with your associates as this makes the running of your business smooth and comfortable. The most important thing that we focus on when it comes to business partners is the trust. That is what will hold the business together being able to work in a trustworthy and amicable environment.

No matter what, when it comes to friendship. Time, trust and love is what will bind us together as with anything we have to work hard to maintain good relations with anyone that we come into contact with be it friend or foe. As long as the love is there we can forge good and lasting freindships

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