Ways to keep motivated

Do you find it hard to get started in the morning so by the end of the day you have just about run outta steam to even consider cooking or going and working out?

How do you motivate yourself enough to keep it moving and get the best out of yourself on a daily basis?

I am sure you can relate that the more you sleep the less energised you feel and when it comes to motivating yourself you would much rather just lounge and take your time if you decide to do anything at all. I have found that the more occupied you are with various tasks and projects the more inspired you feel to do something.

1. What is your schedule like?

Is it a work and home kind of situation you know the all work and no play and Jack has no friend's syndrome. It can be quite daunting to live outside of the mundane and thus you find yourself unmotivated to do anything. This is where you have to tell yourself that work is a means to an end but your happiness and goals are much more important.

2. Push past the exhaustion

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we have nothing else to give. I have never run a marathon but I know that the finish line is at least 26 miles from the start put yourself in the shoes of one of those runners and tell them at 13 miles they are half way there. Do you think any of the ones that have trained all year to run will give up halfway? I don't think so and thus this principle works the same. We have so much in us and believe it or not are very resilient. Did you know that we can live on only four to five, six at a push hours of sleep a day?

Imagine all of that extra time and what we can do with it.

3. Read uplifting and encouraging books

This is a great way to get motivated and a top tip, if you want to multi task read an audio book and double your outcomes. Wake up early and allow the audio to motivate and stimulate you to action.

4. Be around people that build you up

There are 2 types of people that I am going to talk about, those that drain you and those that up lift you. Have you ever been around someone and after conversing with them you feel as though your energy and life has been sapped out of you? Well those are the people to avoid. If you cannot avoid them and know you are going to be in their company forearm yourself. On the other hand people that uplift you make you feel refreshed and better about yourself. Those are the ones you want to be around.

5. Do not rely on others to motivate you

Wake up and be in the mind set of positivity think uplifting thoughts and see the world in an optimistic way this helps you to have a spring in your step and even if someone may be rude to you on your travels dampen the rudeness down with good vibes. There is no reason or need to allow someone else's cantankerous vibe to bring you down.

6. Smile and spread the love

A genuine smile can melt a thousand hearts and if you spread it with love it can be catching imagine love being a virus the world would be a beautiful place and it all starts with you.

Self motivation is not the easiest of things in this tumultuous world but it gets you through the day its not hard to have a joyous heart and bring happiness to those through motivation it is indeed a practice, that if we exercise it in our daily lives will encourage us to make headway and bring a little bit of joy to ourselves and others that we may happen to come across during the day.

See y'all on the other side

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