Do you carry emotional baggage ?

I have a neighbour who has become accustomed to carrying literal bags around when she is having a meltdown. These bags are not little shopping bags they are those enormous ones at least 20kg a pop, they are heavy. I have seen her carry at least three of these at one time showing that she is laden down with problems. I often ask myself what is in the bags that she is carrying.

Do we carry invisible bags of problems around on our shoulders and if so how can we alleviate the baggage that may be weighing us down?

Maybe we are carrying issues from the past around, It could be relationship and family breakdown and we feel that we are between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps life seems to be getting to us and we feel that we are getting and going nowhere fast. We could feel lonely and want to find the right person to have a relationship with yet they just haven't turned up yet or financial security seems to be far off. The list could go on and on. There are yet many more issues that may cause us to be laden down with problems but do you think that if we concentrate on these issues it will change anything? Of course not, all that will happen is that they will bog us down and not allow us to have clarity of the situation.

Worrying does not make the issue better it only adds stress and anxiety and compounds the issue.

So what can you do?

Seek out a friend that you can share your feelings with, as they say a problem shared is a problem halved and talking about our feelings can really help us see the gravity of the situation. We could be seeing the problem as a lot bigger than what it is and having someone to help us to put things into perspective will help us to see how we can move ahead from the things that may be holding us down.

find ways in which to alleviate the stress and look at things with a positive outlook talk to the ones that are stressing you out, go to network events or on a night out where you might meet someone you like. Put yourself in the position to change both your thinking and attitude. Take charge to find whatever it is that's weighing you down and put it in the respectful place its meant to be.

My neighbour has now replaced the baggage with teddy bears and although she can have quite a few at one given time the burden seems to have been lightened. We too can lighten the burden by easing up on the amount that we choose to carry.

Carry teddy bears instead of heavy baggage.

See y'all on the other side

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