Remember who you are.

I have not written a blog in a while so it takes a while for the thoughts to flow and the mind to grow. However in the news of late not that I watch it too often I see burning skies and crying eyes for a systematic flaw that has lasted well over 400 years.

It is said that the black man is not human at all we have been alluded to monkeys in the zoo in fact there was a time that we were the zoo and white folk had the audacity to come, treat and feed us like animals. They even went as far to treat us like a freak show. When indeed our history and future is rich and full of promise.

The next misconception is that black people are criminals when in fact statistics show that white folks in the UK are 60% more likely to be arrested. So why the discrepancy?

Anti black has been a custom utilised by the Europeans from the dawn of the European, nevertheless it has to be stated that for many moons black nations ruled the world, travelled, taught the Caucasian structure, construction, education and medicine and cleanliness to name but a few things. There is so much more that has been done so why the discrepancy?​​

Black people are truly under represented and this is for a number of reasons maybe we have just had enough of the BS and have given up hope that we could ever amount to anything. However we need to explore who we are and where we come from before a real change can be made, we come from greatness but have to start realising and remembering. We can only do this through re-educating ourselves.

Only when we begin to collaborate and trust one another can we begin to grow. A protest or a march is like putting a band aid on the trials being faced yet black people have been marching for a very long time bringing about change that is very minimal and transient.

Black people have been given labels that they do not have to wear or own, they often look for validation outside of themselves and this is the biggest part of the problem. It is not even unification that is needed because when that is required we always come together in solidarity. The catalyst to us growing and making the needed changes is that we document, share and live our own truths.

We cannot rely on anyone else to tell our story

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