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September 7, 2020






Many moons ago I was out with a friend of mine walking around the neighbourhood as you do, all of a sudden he said to me "Do you know that you can eat rose petals?" I was a little bit taken back as he placed a petal in his mouth and began to munch.


Years later his words would come back and made a whole lot of sense to me. Creating a product that  is so natural that you can actually eat it.


I have been dabbling at using natural ingredients that I source from my own local area as well as countries in Africa, Gambia and Zambia. Shea butter is one of my main stay ingredients. It is an amazing natural product that every man, woman  and child should have in their daily skincare routine.


Shea butter comes from the Karité or Shea tree. These trees grow from West to East Africa. The Shea comes from oil kernels that are within the seed once the kernel is removed from the seed, it is then pounded into a powder and added to water. Shea Butter is a byproduct that is produced from this process.


Shea Butter has many benefits for both hair and skin. It is high in fatty acids and vitamins and is ideal for cosmetics. It softens the skin and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It has been know to aid in treating eczema and skin swelling.


Wild products has stayed true to producing a beautiful product that is extremely natural and one that blesses a family skincare regime. The range is Body Souffle  with various essential oils to further compliment this product. 


Try our range and start seeing the benefits.




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Tea tree Body Souffle:



Turmeric body Souffle:


Rose hip oil:


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