Are you tied to your past?

Have you ever seen a film where someone has been kidnapped and their life depends on their emancipation? Now some prisoners had to fight for their freedom and sadly some have lost the fight and this to applies to those of us who have been scarred by our past.

What can we do to emancipate ourselves from bondage of our past experiences?

1. Learn from the past

Dependant on where the hurt came from we will need to heal first. The healing process will come when we are able to understand what has happened to us yet move on from where the hurt was. The lesson is a blessing.

2. Forget it

The past can not hurt us anymore and we may need to help get thorough it using a process. The beauty is that the time that caused us pain can be forgotten as it has passed. Living in the present moment will enable us to make the needed changes to move on to bigger and better things.

3. Try not to repeat it

Because we know that things from the past may have hurt us we are deemed not to make the same mistakes. This is the blessing in the lesson.

4. Help others that are captive to it

We have learnt how to move on from the things that caused us pain and thus can help others to achieve the same success. No none has to remain where the hurt lives we all have a choice to move on and grow from the things that may have caused us pain.

5: Forgive

There is nothing more emancipating than forgiveness first we forgive ourselves for hurting ourselves due to holding on to the anguish and pain. We also forgive those that may have hurt us, they had their reasons and have to also live With their choices. By showing forgiveness we free ourselves from bondage to a situation that caused us pain.

The past can only hurt us if we remain in the hurt of it. Unbeknownst to us if we are tied and bound to our past this can mean only one of 2 things we can stay and be persecuted by the past and remain stuck in a situation that alluded us a long time ago, or we can set ourselves free.

What will you choose?

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