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Our mission

We listen to what you have to say.

Through coaching and therapy we help you to adjust and realign your undesirable beliefs, traits and paradigms

Sweet Mind

Transformational Coach

Through research into coaching and therapy there is one question we all need to ask ourselves.


Are we functioning at our fullest potential?


The most amazing thing to see was that a high percentage of everyone that was asked that question said that they were working on it.

We all at one point in our lives require a listening ear to help us along in life we are the catalyst to breathing life into your potential.

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The power of pleasure and pain

Most if not all things that we do in life is associated to avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. However many of us fall into patterns and behaviours that leaves us more in pain, still seeking to find a happy and pleasurable medium What is needed? Identification of unwanted pattens and how a change can be made. 

Forgive yourself to be free

Some of us become prisoners of our own minds most of the time due to what others have done to us and thus find it hard to let go of the pain and hurt that others have caused. Forgiving ourselves is the first way to start the healing process. Knowing that we have the ability to  let go. This in turn enables us to forgive those who have hurt us and us to forgive ourselves. when we do this we let go of the pain resulting in recovery and the ones that hurt us  will no longer have  the power to hurt  us anymore.

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Do you need a coach?

We support the development of others and breath life into your potential

As a transformational speaker, self development coach and mentor. I help my clients to  realise their purpose. I teach and motivate my clients to make the needed changes in their lives, that is if they want to change. Being moved through action and taking the needed steps in their lives with the tools that we help you  acquire. 

Our core element is that: We do this through listening to you and helping you to make the needed change of your  undesirable beliefs traits and paradigms. 

We do this through coaching, NLP, therapy, a series of motivational workshops, team building events, online courses and in service training.

Giving you guidance, support and direction to make advancement personally








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